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People (consumers) depend on product reviews in order to make the most educated purchasing decision when buying items online. Sellers depend on product reviews to help boost their products in searches. Reviewers depend on product reviews to get free items at super cheap prices with limited effort. Here is the Q & A that covers almost everything on product reviewing.
What is “product reviewing”?
The majority of products you buy online have a rating system. Whether or not you leave a review/rating for the product is completely up to your own discretion. When you leave a review of a product (your opinion of the product) you are giving your own honest opinion on that product to help other consumers make better buying choices. When people can’t touch, feel, or see the item in person those consumer reviews (such as yours) are detrimental to their decision making process because it gives an honest, outside opinion of the product rather than just reading the description by the seller.

What sites let you review products?
I’m an avid online shopper and I’ve yet to find a website that doesn’t allow you to review a product. Any time it says “rate in item” or asks you to give it some stars it’s a review of the product.

Free products, what’s the catch?
The products are not all free, most are steeply discounted, but some are definitely free. The free aspect pertains to the cost out of pocket to you as the purchaser. Some sites offer free shipping, such as Amazon with their Prime program. You can get a free 30 day trial here. The sellers then issue a unique and individual (one time use) coupon code for you to use to purchase the product through Amazon’s website or their own site; sometimes even lowering the price of the item for a short window allowing you to purchase at the lower price (without a code). Once you receive the product you leave an honest review of the product within a reasonable amount of time on your blog or other social media. No catch, sellers are not permitted to require you to leave a review as a condition of getting the lower priced or free item.

How do I get in on this free/discounted reviewing business?
There are many coupon clubs out there that allow you to sign up on their site, search products, apply for them, get approved and order with codes. You can do a simple Google search for “amazon review clubs” and come up with numerous sites. The most common I’ve used are AMZ Review Trader, Snagshout, and Tomoson. Facebook groups exist as well.

What type of review do I need to leave?
An honest review is always desired, a review that you would use to make a decision on a purchase. The item worked great, or not so great, it wasn’t what it described, it was exactly what it described, so on and so forth. When people are given products for free or discounted they may be tempted to write a better review of a product than it is deserved in order to continue to get products. Always review in an honest manner. Include details of the item you purchased, it’s color, shape, and size. Anything in particular that stood out to you is always appreciated and never review a product before you have used it.

Is there a time frame for me to leave a review?
Not necessarily, but some coupon clubs do require it. Tomoson usually allows no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days to leave a review depending on what you signed up for. AMZ Review Trader generally likes to see it done in a week and Facebook clubs are no less than 3 days after receipt, but no more than 10 days. The sooner you review the better though because it shows sellers that you care about their products. The longer you take to review the more anxious the seller gets and may feel that you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain; remember they did give you a coupon code to make the purchase.

What happens if I do not review the product that I purchased with the coupon code?
There is nothing that can legally be done to you if you received a product at a discount and then failed to leave a review. You can, however, be banned from many coupon clubs and generally be given no additional products to review. No fun all around in my opinion.

What are Amazon’s thoughts on review clubs and reviews in general?
Amazon no longer permits a seller to require you to leave a review as a condition of receiving the product at a discounted rate. It is within their Terms of Service which have recently been updated.  Further, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has more terms that they want people to abide by which do require you to disclose that you got the product at a discounted price in exchange for a review. 

There are many ways to get “coupon codes” to use on Amazon, or other sites, when purchasing certain products and when you are given a coupon code to make a purchase you are being given a product in exchange for a review. The idea is pretty simple; you are given a coupon code that gives you a discount on a product and in exchange it would be really nice for you to leave an honest review of the product. Seems simple, right? Well, it’s not so simple…

The fine line…
·        You cannot be paid to review an item, but can be given the product to review
·        You must give an honest review of an item, but consumers and the site you purchased from frown on too much honesty if their product isn’t a good quality product.
·        You cannot promote products as an affiliate from any site and perform reviews on products from that site.
·        Your review must contain a disclaimer clearly stating that you received the product for free or at a discount in exchange for the review.
·        Coupon clubs are not endorsed by Amazon at all.
·        You can’t sell the products you get to review, but giving them away is perfectly fine.
·        You can’t have a relationship with the seller you are purchasing from, even if it’s your 3rd cousin from your dad’s side divorced 4 times over; if you use the same IP address it’s not allowed.
·        You can’t change your review at the request of a seller, nor can you change it months later based on additional use of the product.

With all of that said…You can get some amazing products for review. I’ve reviewed everything from facial cleanser and shampoo to LED projectors and fishing gear. The sky really is the limit. If you are an honest person reviewing products for the benefit of other consumers and just so happen to be getting awesome stuff than you will go far. Start out small with some supplements and cell phone cases; leaving honest and well written reviews of those products will lead to many higher end products over time.

These are in no particular order:

Uberzonclub – You will get emails daily, sometimes one or two, sometimes 5 with limited quantity items. I’ve seen shirts, cell phone accessories, baby carriers, supplements and everything else from this company. The sooner you click the link within the email to agree to purchase and review the better chances you have of getting the item. The higher ticket items go fast and are hard to come by. This site doesn’t require that you leave a review, but they do suggest it and it’s the entire purpose for the site anyway.

Snagshout – Has a web platform that you login to via Facebook or your email address. They have various products from kitchen tools to home d├ęcor, accessories, supplements, and many more items. You are allowed to “snag” one deal at a time, place your order, receive and review before you are allowed to “snag” another. In fact you must tell this site when you did your review so they can check for it and only then will you be able to “snag” another deal. So you are required to leave a review and leave a disclaimer on the review in order to continue reviewing items. This site also has an affiliate program where you can promote their items for others to purchase and you get a very small commission based on the purchases of the products. For this site be sure to either review the products or promotion them, not both.

EliteDealClub – This site has changed it’s system a few times. Most recently they required you to connect your Facebook account to your Elite Deal Club account. They have a few release times throughout the day and then you are limited on how many deals a day you can agree to purchase and review.

AMZReviewTrader – This site has a lot of products, but is also highly frowned upon by many other review groups and sometimes Amazon too. The products here are offered in mass quantities so that sellers can get more reviews, thus flooding the review system and boosting sales that aren’t really sales. On the flip side there is a ton of products you can get and at ridiculous prices. They have Facebook groups devoted to this site to promote the hotter items as well so do a search and you will find them. Once you apply to review the product it could be a bit before you know if you got approved, sometimes months.

Tomoson – You can be a blogger, tweeter, instagrammer, or Amazon reviewer at this site. They do not have an Amazon only requirement. Each item has it’s own prerequisites to it, some wanting Blog, Instgram, and Twitter, and others wanting only a youtube video. Your chances of getting a deal are higher the more social reach that you have (more followers, etc.). The time frame for reviewing here is at least 10 days, at most 30 (if I’m not mistaken) and are not limited to just the USA. Once you apply for a product it could be weeks before you hear back, that’s the only downside.

I do not promote any specific site and prefer none above the rest. 

I've made a few posts for reviewers to reference, you can find them here.

This is up-to-date as of November 10, 2016

Disclaimer: This post above may contain affiliate links.


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