Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What is a Glitch exactly? #glitch #what #shipping #deals #coupons

Just a quick recap on what a Glitch is exactly...

The key to a glitch is that something went wrong on the sellers end (website) and you are benefiting and that the product ships. Whether or not it arrives and is correct is another issue.

  • a price mistake on a website - The price should say $100, but it says $10; you place the order, order ships
  • a description error on a website - The description should say pack of 1 and instead says case of 12; you place the order, order ships
  • an expensive item listed for the wrong price - The price should be $56, but it says $4; you place the order, order ships
  • promo codes are stacking when they shouldn't - Free shipping, 50% off, and 20% off promo codes are all applying when it should be one per account; you place the order, order ships
  • promo codes applying to the wrong items - Promo code should apply to regular price only, but it's applying to clearance too; you place the order, order ships
What happens after the glitch ships?
  • Sometimes you will get a shipping confirmation and never receive a product. Since you most likely ordered from a secure site such as Amazon or some other big box retailer or used Paypal you are all set to get your money back. Big box retailers (Walmart, JCPenney, Amazon, Etc) all have you covered when a product on their site doesn't arrive. They don't give your information (cc or other) to the seller and they issue a refund. Paypal has their protection gaurantee, also protects your information, and easily issues you a refund.
  • Sometimes you will get a shipping confirmation and receive the wrong product. This usually is due to a typo or description mistake on the website. Call the company and easily get the situation resolved. For example, I ordered a Graco Carseat for $19.98 through Walmart (yeah a carseat for $20); it arrived as 4 baby bottles; clearly wrong. I called and within 24 hours had a full refund and got to keep the bottles. 
A new website or new seller has the product at 75% off of all other sites, is that a glitch?
That is the gray area - is it a glitch, an error, a scam, or a way to boost sales. 
  • 90% of the time it is a marketing technique. The seller with the best price gets the most sales and thus boosts their items. Nothing new and not a scam.
  • 8% of the time it is a pricing error. Someone made a typo and you can benefit from that typo.
  • 1% of the time it is a technology glitch. I've seen a wiring harness for a speaker system ($9) be listed as a subwoofer for the same system ($100). The description said subwoofer with a picture, but when it was added to my cart it was clearly a wiring harness. 
  • 1% of the time it could be a way for a seller to take your money and run. It happens, it is human nature to make as much money as possible and not necessarily care about the little people. As long as you are using a reputable site, you are 100% protected.
Ultimately it is your choice to "deal with" a glitch or not. Yes, I got 4 free bottles when I ordered a carseat, but it took a phone call and about 15 min of my time. I've placed orders that never shipped and spent another 15 min of my life getting my refund back on that too. I've also scored many items at 90% off retail or free due to a glitch.

Glitches are not for everyone, but they work for many. Before you decide that they are all scams, try a few for yourself. :)

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