Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coca Cola Fridge POSSIBLY $1 #cocacola #deals #savings #onedollar

This Coca Cola Fridge goes for $49 normally, but it's being clearanced out at many Walmarts.

Some people are reporting it as low as just $1
My area is showing as just $10, but out of stock

How to find out if your area has it clearanced:
1 - Go to BrickSeek and enter in this sku 45653396 and your zip code (you can also use this link and just put in your zip code)
2 - Your results will look like this (or something similar) - All this tells you is the likelihood that the Walmart listed has the item for the price listed here.
3 - Head to your Walmart, find the item, and check it on a price scanner... If it shows the lower price head to the register. If it doesn't you can not use BrickSeek to price match or any screen shots. It's luck of the draw really.

Good luck and let us know what you find!!
Coca Cola Mini Can Fridge

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