Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pumpndo Nursing Scarf - Soft, breathable, and a fashion piece! #pumpndo #pumping #nursing

Pumpndo is a new company that was created and is ran by a mom who knows the struggles of nursing and working. It all started with the Pumpndo Hands-free Nursing Accessory and has since branched out to additional nursing items such as the Pumpndo Nursing Scarf. Plus a matching mommy and me Mini Pumpndo Nursing Scarf. I honestly can't wait for the arrival of my son for many reasons, but one of those is so that I (a working mom) can "pump" "n" "do" whatever I need and not be afraid my girlies are out for all to view.

This nursing scarf is amazing. The material is soft and breathable two very important combos for any products coming in contact with your infants skin. The nursing scarf is also universal for all size moms. I'm a plus size lady and 8 months pregnant and I have more than enough room in this scarf to wear it as an accessory and adequately cover any parts that may be exposed while breast feeding.

What I really like about this nursing scarf is that it doubles as a fashion accessory! Yep, a fashion accessory for nursing moms. It folds up super small to easily just toss in your diaper bag or purse, but it also can be double wrapped around your neck and warn as an accessory to any outfit. The same breathable and soft fabric that will benefit my infant also does wonders for me; no one wants a scratchy hot scarf around their neck.

Fashion accessory AND nursing accessory all in one. Don't forget, when you are done nursing, whether that is 1 day in or 4 years in, you can easily use the scarf as just a fashion piece. A piece that you can wear for long after nursing is over.

You can find Pumpndo on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.

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