Monday, February 27, 2017

FitBit Fitness Trackers as low as $24!! #clearance #walmart #deals #fitbit #fitness #health

Some Walmarts have the FitBit trackers as low as $24 - this is not a sale, but rather a regional clearance. The price on the sticker may be even lower than what rings up.

Rather than run to all your nearest Walmarts, just use Brickseek to do the field work for you:
-Use Brickseek to check the stock near you
-Never call to confirm stock
-Go to store, find product, and scan to check what price it comes up as
-You can't price match with Brickseek, just find out if any stores near you have the product and at what price it is scanning

  FitBit Flex Tracker (Black) - Clearance to $24 

 FitBit Flex Tracker (Blue) - Clearance to $24 

 FitBit ChargeHR (purple) - Clearance to $37

 FitBit ChargeHR (Black - Large) - Clearance to $37

 FitBit ChargeHR (Black - Small) - Clearance to $37

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