Monday, February 20, 2017

*EXPIRED* As Seen on TV Products - Crank Chop, Sift Away, 35 Below and MORE #asotv #asseenontv #deals #35belowsocks #siftaway #crankchop #futzuki

AMAZING As Seen on TV Products!!

As Seen On TV - Crank Chop

Chop, Mince & Puree in Just Seconds!

Get rid of your bulky, hard to use food processors! The Crank Chop is made of tough, durable construction, and features a non-slip base and is dishwasher safe. Crank Chop allows you to prep all your favorite foods in just seconds, without the loud noises of an ordinary food processor.

DEAL: Buy One for $14.95 (get bonus topper FREE) + S&H


As Seen On TV - Sift Away Cat Litter Box

The Amazing Self-Cleaning Litter Box!

Sift Away only uses 1 bag of litter for a full month. The secret is the three interlocking slotted trays - the top tray collects clumps while the bottom two catch the clean litter to reuse again and again. Sift Away works with any brand of litter, and works so no more scooping smelly, messy litterboxes.

DEAL: Buy 3 Trays, Get 3 Trays FREE + FREE Grooming Mitt for $19.99 + P&H


As Seen On TV - 35 Below Socks

Technology to Keep Your Feet Warm in The Cold.

35 Below Socks are made of aluminized thread with aerospace fabric technology that reflects your own body heat, keeping you warm in any weather. The socks are incredibly lightweight with a flexible material, so they are thin enough to wear underneath regular socks yet durable enough to wear alone. 35 Below Socks are developed to reflect heat in severe cold to keep your temperature just right, and they're great for men, women and children.

DEAL: 3 Pairs of Socks for $19.99 + Free Shipping


As Seen On TV - Futzuki

The Pain Relieving Reflexology Mat

Start stepping onto relief with Futzuki, as it massages heels, arches, pads and toes. The mat sends pain relieving signals while massaging, with over 2,800 reflexology points. Futzuki can help temporarily relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heels, arches and foot tingling, while also helping the circulation.

DEAL: Buy for $19.99 + Free Massaging Insoles + Free Shipping

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