Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Maternity Support Belt Review #pregnant #support #deals #review #maternity #moms

As of tomorrow I'll be 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have experienced sciatica pain since about 20 weeks and have tried many things to help relieve it. Sciatica pain while pregnant is caused by the sciatic nerve getting pinched from all the stretching and growing going on (among other things). I tried out two separate maternity belts to see what the differences were and which would be more beneficial to me.

Top Glory offers a maternity belt with back support on Amazon for just $24.90 right now. This one is beige and is all one piece. The picture here shows it folded in half on the ground as well as the view of the back. The support belt is very well made and again is one piece. What I liked most about this one is that it is one piece and the material is very sturdy which is exactly what we need while this far along in pregnancy and beyond. The thicker strap goes around your waist and than the thinner one goes over the belly.

I also tried another brand I got on Ebay for roughly around the same price. It is also beige, but it is not one piece, it is actually three separate pieces. The beige part shown on the top of the picture below goes around your waist. The thicker piece, well taller, goes around your waist and than finally the thinner piece connects on either side and goes over the belly.

As you can see, two very different approaches for the same concept. I wore each one for various days to get the benefits and here are my observations.

In this side-by-side you can see how my belly sits without the belly support and with each one on. The Top Glory one appeared to offer more support initially, but actually was too stiff to provide anything other than back support. You can see on the other brand that it fits to my body better than the Top Glory brand.

Again, a side-by-side to demonstrate the front view while wearing the support band. The Top Glory one sits higher over the belly and cups the lower side of the belly, but again it's not supportive. The other brand hugs the natural curves of the body and provides more support overall. Top Glory does provide a more comfortable overall design with limited velcro as compared to the other brand.

While I truly appreciate the one piece design that Top Glory offers, I wasn't impressed with the lack of actual support for my belly. Wearing the other brand I noticed a difference immediately and felt relief, not so much with the Top Glory Brand.

Please understand, what works best for one woman many work differently for another. Body size, shape, and gestational age are huge factors as well. Comparing Top Glory to the major name brands that are out there I'd say the value is great for the price.

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