Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chef's Knife Review - Solid and very sharp #deals #kitchen #home #sharp #tools #review #exclusivereviewers

You can find this Blue Key World Chef's Knife for just $19.85 right now on Amazon, you can also find it in my kitchen because I like this knife. It's an average size chef's knife and it's made as a solid design. The blade is attached to the handle seamlessly without an extra bit into the handle. The handle is easy to hold on to and though it appears slick to the touch, even with water applied it doesn't get slick.

I decided to use the knife fresh out of the package and cut an apple, tomato, and some cheese. Various consistencies in materials to cut through. I am pleasantly surprised in the ease of use I experienced. It easily sliced through the apple, the tomato, and then the cheese without issue. I noticed the blade doesn't have the scallops in it to allow the fruit or cheese to fall off the knife with ease, but it is a chef's knife so that isn't necessary.

The knife is solid, well made, and sharp as can be. Check out my video review below.

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