Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rush Card FREE $36.05 - Limited time promotion, YES free money #free #deals #rushcard #signup #easymoney #glitchmama

Rushcard has a promotion right now that if you sign up for their prepaid card you get a $40.00 credit if you are referred by someone. I'm that someone!

Sign up for a Rushcard using my promo, register for an account when the card arrives, set a pin, share to social media and deposit $3.95 and you get $40.00 (after the $3.95 it's $36.05). Detailed instructions below!

  • Using that link fills in my promo code JESSICAJONES49 which is how you get $30! Very important step! Without my promo code you will not get anything.
  • Select "I want to pay as I go for each purchase" - another very important step! That way there are no monthly fees, etc.
  • Complete the information as requested, then click Agree And Submit on the very bottom. 
  • Within 7-10 business days you will get your card in the mail. 
  • Once the card arrives you will return to Rushcard, register for an account, and activate your card. 
  • During activation you will be requested to set up a PIN for the card another very important step.
  • During activation you will also be asked to share to social media for an additional $10 - do so in order to get your extra $10 another very important step
  • Once you have registered, you have activated the card, and set a pin, shared to social media, you must then make a deposit
  • By this point you used my referral code, registered for an account, set a pin on your card, and shared to social media when prompted... 
  • In order to get your $30.00 you have to pay the card fee of $3.95, to do this you just deposit $3.95 into your Rushcard account (if doing by paypal or banking, you can find the routing/account number for Rushcard under Direct Deposit as shown below)

  • Deposit ID = your "account number"
  • Routing # is the routing number
  • After you make your $3.95 deposit give Rushcard about 24-48 hrs. and you will be credited the $30 + the $10 share bonus
So, you pay $3.95 in order to get $40.00 = $36.05 in your pocket - not a bad deal

Wait... the money is on that card what do I do? Well you can then transfer the money off the card using the same direct deposit information as above into your bank account for free, you can also use the card just like a Visa, but remember EACH visa transaction will charge you $1.00 so you are better off just transferring the money to your bank account.

And finally - once you have your money and know the whole process is in fact 100% real and legit you can then get up to $600 as referral bonuses when someone uses your referral link and follows all the instructions above. To get your referral link go to Rushcard Rewards and Refer a Friend as shown below:

Your link will be in the same area mine is and your "code" is everything after the =, in this case my referral code is JESSICAJONES49

In order to get the referral bonuses the person has to activate the card and follow the instructions above. "Approved" just means they signed up, but haven't activated yet.

Questions? Comments? You can find me online at Glitch Mama, I'm one of the admins and basically available quite often.

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