Saturday, December 3, 2016

Earn $5 Today For Testing The Cnkt app! #easymoney #free #test #beta #coupons #glitchmama #glitch

I found an awesome app that allows me to give my opinion and within 15 minutes I also happened to make $5 just for trying it out.

The app is Cnkt (both Android and iOS) - it is pronounced "Connect." The purpose of the app is to help people connect to one another by sharing their responses to the various polls. The categories are vast and endless really. On every thing from today's news to who the best model is. The best part, in my opinion is that you earn $5 just for your first 200 "opinions" given - took me 15 minutes. 

Here are the step by step instructions:
*Done in iOS

>> Click this link and enter in your email address - this is where you will get your "info" sent to on how to earn $5
>> You will get an email in about 10-30 minutes, give or take - this email includes all the information that I am telling you here, but I'm a fan of screenshots so here you go
>> Download the app on either Android and iOS
>> Open the app - tap on the three lines in the upper right hand corner
>> You will get a pop up to login with Facebook or with your email - choose one (I chose Facebook, got a prompt from Facebook to allow cnkt to have access, permitted it, and was brought right back to the home page)
>> Back at the home page you can choose your category to look through and give you opinion on, I chose Fashion / Beauty
>> At the next screen you make your choice. You will be given a picture with a blue bar along the bottom (in which case you tap the blue bar), a list of options that you can just tap on, or some items to put in order of preference.

>> Once you make your choice you get to see your results. Go ahead here and tap "frame it" - you can choose any survey to "frame" (I'll explain later), but make sure you at least frame one. Frame it basically takes a screen shot of the picture. 
>> The "framed" version is below and once here you tap share to whichever social network you want (You can not skip this step)
>> Take a screen shot of where you happened to share it. I chose Twitter and my screen shot is here (You can not skip this step)
>> Continue on to give your opinion on at least 200 of this opinions/polls. Once done take a screen shot of your profile proving that you did at least 200 (You can not skip this step)
>> By now you have given your opinion on at least 200 polls, shared at least one via framing to a social media outlet, and taken a screen shot of both the share and your profile page. It has taken roughly 15 minutes given your technical skills / speed at tapping. 

Now, go on and refer back to that email you got from the initial step. You will reply to it with the screen shots of your profile and the share you did to social media. Within about 10 minutes you will get a reply thanking you and asking you for your paypal email address. Provide that and within another few minutes you have $5 cash into your paypal. Not sure why it came through as a payment from Ashley Herrington, but hey it's $5, I'm not questioning it further.

Total of maybe 15-20 minutes for $5.00 - easy cash in my opinion. Unlike most apps I get nothing for referring people to this, in fact I kind of enjoyed it so it's just my opinion of this app and really a way to allow others to make $5.00.

Happy app trying!

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