Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Set of Two Light Up Levitating Spheres w/ Remote Control #exclusivereviewers #deals #review

This Set of Two Light Up Levitating Spheres w/ Remote Control provides two orbiting remote control spheres for under $40.

With this set you get two boxes and thus two orbital spheres with their respective remote controls. Each sphere is a different color, this set came with a green one and a clear one. The spheres have four propellers on them that are white and spin as the unit goes faster. They are primary made of plastic and are extremely light weight. They also have the ability to change the LED lights that show through the plastic siding which makes the devices more unique in my opinion.

The sphere is controlled by the controller that has one trigger switch on it. When the trigger is pressed the sphere is given enough power to take off from a flat surface or your hand. The more the trigger is pressed the higher the sphere goes. To make it come down you release the trigger slowly. A very simple design and extremely easy to use. There is a power switch on both the sphere and on the controller to maximize battery usage.

The box recommends ages 6 to adult and I'm going to say that the age requirement is pretty accurate. My boyfriend is an avid drone flyer and used to flying devices such as this one and much more complicated versions. He had no trouble getting it up and running in seconds. I also let my three year old try it out and while he easily got it in the air. The trigger only provides power to the spheres propellers and thus makes the sphere go directly up with no ability to change directions. With a less skilled flyer this leads to a lot more crashes. Even with an adult was flying it crashes were happening and actually upon the first few crashes onto the hardwood floor the sphere broken. One of the four pegs that allows it to sit flat broke off. After a few more crashes one of the propellers broke off. I believe this is more of a design flaw, the spheres are pretty fragile in the scheme of things.

Value for price: I would say for under $40 these two spheres are great for beginner flying toys but definitely for those over the age of 6.

Battery life: Using continuously for 10 minutes the sphere battery lasts about 10 minutes. Then you plug it in with the provided USB plug. The remote control has a longer battery life.

Quality: Low grade and pretty fragile, but getting 2 for under $40 total makes it not that bad of a deal.

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