Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FREE $20 for California Residents #OhmHour #FREE #Savings #energy #refer #california

When you sign up and participate in an OhmHour you get $20 - no catch

An OhmHour is one hour of reduced energy use. You will get an email/text notification letting you know when the hour will be and your "job" is to use less energy during that hour. I have changed not one single thing that I do in my day-to-day activities and made $59.38. Picture or it didn't happen - see picture below.

How do they know you are conserving? Upon signup you do have to login to your PGE or other energy account to give them access. They only access the energy usage aspect, not billing or anything else. Completely safe!

What do you have to lose? Nothing, but you could earn free money for doing nothing. :)

Sign up here and start earning money! The more energy you save the more you earn, join teams and you enjoy their earnings too.

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