Monday, October 3, 2016

The End to Amazon Reviews on Free Products #amazon #reviews #TOS #rules #theend

Amazon has made it official, those who receive free or discounted products will not be permitted to post reviews about those products. Only those in the Amazon Vine program will be permitted to continue to review products on Amazon.

The offical Amazon notice is here and makes it pretty clear what the rules are.

Previously sellers were allowed to offer free products, or heavily discounted products, to Amazon customers in exchange for a review and the reviwer had to disclose a statement as to how they received the product within the review. The more sales and reviews a seller got, the higher their rankings, and the earlier they would be displayed in search results. Amazon changed these rules just a few weeks back (details here) to state that you couldn't just have an Amazon account to review free products, that you actually had to have at least $50 in purchased products before you would be permitted to review.

Amazon isn't the only platform that allows reviews, almost every site that sells products permits you to leave a review. There are blogs, like mine, that will continue to review products I'm sure.

What does this mean for Amazon review groups? Sites like Tomoson, AMZ Trader and the many others.. ? Who knows, but know this... If you continue to post reviews on free or heavily discounted products Amazon will wipe your account.

Stay tuned...

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