Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags - Jumbo Size #spacesaver #exclusivereviewers #reviews #walmart #deals

I have kids who grow out of clothes and I have clothes with no where to put them because my apartment doesn't grow with the kids, funny how that works. I was storing everything in these 16 gallon totes because they kept bugs and moisture out plus they stacked well. Unfortunately I ran out of space to store any more of these totes.

Enter SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags - Jumbo Size (found on - Can we say huge? Yes these things are huge right out of the package. I'm not a small person in size and I'm 5'6" in height and these are half my size, yes half, crazy. Anywho, as you can see the bags are clear and have neat instructions on them. Yes, the bags actually have instructions right on them, love it. Never fails when I get anything my kids take it out of the package before I can find the instructions, not this time! Genius! The package you receive has six (6) bags and has one hand pump for anyone that doesn't have a vacuum to get the air out. Each bag has a clip to help seal it as well as a valve for keeping the air from getting back in. The material is more than just a standard zip bag, it's rather thick and has some sturdiness to it.

What I started with was a tote, the clear box, full of clothes that my toddler has grown out of. Completely full and ready for storage, except I had no where to store it. I took the clothes out and put them into this one bag. There is a "stop" line on the bag so I knew where to stop filling it at and it filled almost up to that line. After sealing it, which was very smooth, and using a vacuum to pull the air out I was able to store the same exact amount of clothes in 1/8th of the space. I'm super excited.

Anyone looking for a space saving technique that won't break the bank, this is it. Also, unlike other bags I've tried this one doesn't leak. Great investment and great product.

Here is me, in all my glory (snowman pants and all, can't get more real than that) using the bag for the first time. 

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