Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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 I'm an avid fisherman (yes a woman, but it is a generic term and no reason to change it up just for women's sake), have been since I was able to walk. Any fisherman knows that the less gear you have to lug around the better, am I right? (rhetorical question, of course I'm right!) I'd been looking for a compact pair of binoculars to put in my fishing gear that also wouldn't weigh me down. This compact set by Merytes is just what I was looking for.

The binoculars comes with a nylon carrying bag. The bag has a loop on the back that you can use to secure to your waist or ignore and just throw in your backpack like I do. The closure is standard velcro and there is plenty of room inside the case to store the binoculars, but not enough for them to bounce around in there.

The finish on the binoculars is matte black, in case you want to match it to your attire, or basically just want a standard color. The lens has an adjustable piece that you can use to make the view clearer depending on how close or far you are looking. Further, the top of the binoculars has an adjustment piece that you can use to further make your view clearer. I had no problem getting almost an immediate clear picture.

The eye pieces are also adjustable depending on the width of your eyes and your preference. Not everyone's eyes are the same width and I like that you can adjust accordingly. The eye pieces also have flexible rubber around the piece that touches near your eyes for a very comfortable fit. You can see parts of the carrying strap in two of the pictures as well as in the video. The carrying strap is included and snaps right onto the snap pieces on the binoculars themselves.

Overall it is definitely a compact set of binoculars, easy to use, comes with a strap and a carrying case too. High quality that I expect to last for a long time. Definitely an item that I will keep in my fishing gear.

only $14.99 on Amazon!

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