Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Free $10 Nordstrom Gift Card #deals #freebies #free #christmas #money

For a limited time if you join Nordstrom Rewards you will get a free $10 gift card to shop only during November 26, 2016 to December 24, 2016. Must sign up with your name, email and cell phone number in order to get the deal. Step by step instructions are right here to make it really simple.

Go to nordstrom.com and on the far right hand side click the drop down arrow next to the sign in button and then select "Your Account".

You can sign into your existing Nordstrom account or just create a new one. I didn't have one so I proceeded with the New Customer? section.

Enter in your name, email, choose a password, enter zip code and choose your gender, then click "Create an Account"
This screen comes up and then click "Rewards Information" on the far left.

This screen comes up and then click "Join Nordstrom Rewards" in the middle.

This is where it alerts you that you will get $10 to shop between 11/26/16 and 12/24/16 if you join now. Click "Join Now" in the center

Here enter in your name, mobile number, and the same email you signed up with then click "Join" on the bottom

When you click join above you are authoring Nordstrom to send you a text message to confirm you own that cell phone number. You will get a text that looks similar to this, when you do write down that code.

Look back at your computer screen and you will see this screen where you can enter in that code that you just received via text.

And finally, you are done. Now just sit back and wait for your $10 gift card to arrive via email within a few weeks.

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