Thursday, October 27, 2016

FREE $10 at Ebates to anyone who signs up #ebates #free #money #deals

Signup at Ebates and make a purchase and you automatically get an additional $10 deposited into your cash back. The cash back is paid out quarterly and always on time.

What does this mean?
Let's say you buy a $40 toy at Kohls and shop through the Ebates Kohls link, the purchase goes through Kohls and looks the same as normal. Except... After the purchase is complete (delivered/picked up) you will see $2.40 (6% cash back) pending in your account as well as a $10 bonus for a total savings of $12.40.

Before shopping online check Ebates, use the link on Ebates to shop and automatically get whatever cash back is offered on that purchase.

Super easy and free money for shopping online, something you already do as it is. :)

Plus, many popular shopping sites are offering double cash back right now!

What are you waiting for, sign up today!

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