Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Billy Goat Baby Gear Pacifier Clips - Set of 3 Neutral Clips #exclusivereviewers #billygoatbabygear #review #momlife #babies #clips #awesome

Adorable three pack of pacifier clips for either a girl or a boy. The colors are very gender neutral and super fun. They go with almost any outfit or style. The clip is plastic, the length of the piece is thick ribbon and the end piece that attaches to the pacifier is thinner ribbon. 

The clip, when closed, is flat and has no edges that can hurt the baby or toddler at all. When closed it is perfectly flat (as you can see here). Opening it can be done one handed, one of my favorite features, because we all know how complicated baby accessories can be. Thankful this one is not!

The small ribbon on the end attaches to any pacifier of your liking that has a spot that can be looped through like you see here. The pacifier is not included with the set. You clip the claw piece to the clothing or blanket that is on your child and then put the pacifier in their mouth. If they fuss or, heaven forbid, throw the pacifier it remains clipped to the fabric you attached it to.

The colors are very fun, material is extremely well made, and the little goat logo is adorable. I love the one handed opening ability and how strong the claw piece is. You can see in the video how easy it was for me to just flip it open, but also how secure that claw stayed to my sweater. All pieces are washable, thank goodness, and great for either a boy or a girl.

available on Amazon for only $13.95

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