Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Billy Goat Baby Gear Bandanna Bibs - Unisex and Super Cute #exclusivereviewers #bibs #baby #clothing #accessories #soft #baby #review

I'm a forever fan of Billy Goat Baby Gear now! First I tried their pacifier clips (read all about it here) and now I'm checking out their bandanna bibs. The set I received was a four piece set including a cloud print, a grey and white print, a light blue with wheat floral design, and a deep lavender with yellow accents design. Each piece has the cute Billy Goat Baby Gear logo on it that doesn't take away from the adorable pieces what-so-ever. Each bandanna bib is cotton on the front side and polyester on the backside. They are machine washable and then you lay flat to dry.

I love the accent design on the light blue one. It is subtle and not overpowering and truly can be used for a boy or a girl. You can see the high quality stitching that was done around the edges so you don't have any loose strings to get tangled on your child. The cotton on the front easily absorbs drool and food spills as well as keeps the goop off of your baby's clothes.

Another feature I like is the snap closures. You can see here that each piece as snaps on it, there are actually two snaps on each bib. The two snaps allow for a tighter or looser fit depending on your child. You can also see the super soft interior of the bibs in this picture. The material is extremely soft and won't aggravate your child's skin at all. I could seriously just feel the bibs all day long. Completely unrelated to the quality of the product, but quite relevant to the quality of the company that made the product was this cute card inside the package. It says to say the phrase 10x fast. In the video you can hear me and clearly I can not say it 10x fast, but it was adorable and I love that extra special touch.
If you are looking for bibs that add to your child's fashion with style and grace, as well as a company that cares for their products check this one out.  

only $16.95 on Amazon

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