Monday, October 24, 2016

BestGot Headphones for Adults or Kids - Black and Green - Affordable and Amazing! #gifts #exclusivereviewers #review #music #deals #presents #christmas #toddlers

The never ending, "turn your youtube down" gets old on road trips for us. Yep, I entertain my kid with a tablet on road trips because there is nothing more frustrating than, "I'm bored" and "are we there yet." These BestGot headphones were the solution I've been looking for, plus they come in his favorite color, green!

The fit is small enough for his toddler head, age 3.5, and large enough for my adult head, age 32. The fit is comfortable for both kid and adult. I love how soft and comforting the ear pieces are and how they are labeled with "L" and "R" so you put them on the proper ears. Though, I honestly didn't notice a difference in sound if you put them on the opposite ears. These are not bluetooth which I love, one less thing to charge all the time, and actually comes with a really strong braided cord. The cord also has an in-line volume control as well.

The sound quality is okay, but is more for youtube or just watching videos. If you are looking for something to enjoy music at on all levels this would not be the headset for you. The sound is great, don't get me wrong, but you get a bit of distortion the louder it goes. Something my sound obsessed boyfriend noticed that me, the average person, didn't even see as an issue.

On a side note the exterior of the headphones does attract fingerprints, so if that is something that would bug you be warned. As a mom with kids, that tiny thing doesn't but me one bit.

Definitely a well made and great device for adults or kids that will last a while. Love it!

BestGot Headphones for Kids Adult with Microphone In-line Volume $16.99

My son loved them so much that he was too distracted by the sound to pay attention to anything else. Seriously just spaced out on the music lol.

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