Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Silicone Muffin Holders and Silicone Cupcake Tray - Love it! #bpafree #deals #baking #cooking #reuse

I bake a lot partially because I'm pregnant and have a ridiculous sweet tooth and partially because I can make delicious tasting muffins with healthy ingredients that my son will actually eat. Using paper liners for my muffins seemed wasteful and really didn't make for a visually presentable muffin. My son would see the broken bottom from the muffin getting stuck on the liner and deem the muffin to be un-eatable; he's a toddler, go figure. JamHoo has helped me to keep my picky toddler on track by allowing me to try out their silicone muffin tray and silicone muffin liners.

You can buy the product here on Amazon: Silicone Muffin Pans, JamHoo 12 Cup Premium Large Cupcake Pan & 12 Reusable Vibrant Muffin Molds / Baking Cups / Cupcake Liners - Non-stick BPA-free Food Grade Silicone Mold Material - Dishwasher Safe

This product is BPA free, so you won't be putting chemicals into your baking treats. You get 12 baking liners and 1 baking tray. The liners are fun colors which my toddler gets a kick out of and very flexible. The tray is also very flexible. You need to wash each one with warm water and soap before the first use to avoid the silicone taste that could transfer to the food if you don't wash the items.

Each liner also fits nicely into any standard muffin tray just as a paper liner would fit. I used 10 of the silicone liners and two of the paper liners to show the difference with the final product. As you can see all fit very nicely here. Plus, again, LOOK at those colors, so fun!

I used one box of cake mix for this recipe following the directions on the box and it all fit into both the silicone tray as well as the lined tray. I did not use any grease or spray on any of the liners or the pan prior to putting the batter into them.

Popped these in the over, again with no additional spray or greasing, and nothing on top or below the silicone tray or the lined tray. I followed the instructions on the cake box and set the oven at 325 for about 12 minutes. You can even see the size comparison really well here. The silicone tray is no longer than the lined tray and each fix comfortably in a standard oven.

Once the muffins were done and had cooled for a bit I took them out of the silicone tray and the liners. The silicone tray cooled off a lot faster than the metal tray with liners and I was able to push up on the bottom of each muffin and pop the muffins right out. There was minimal muffin left behind which works perfect for me because my son won't eat questionably shaped muffins. The silicone liners were just as easy and simple to pop out the muffins with the exception of the paper liners. I used two paper liners in this batch to show you just what happens when you don't coat the paper liners in some form of grease or butter to prevent sticking; the muffins stuck. Another reason I am a devoted fan to silicone muffin liners from here on out!

To clean the silicone tray and liners up I just soak in some hot water for a minute and then gently rub off the left over particles until clean. Then I place it on the dish rack to dry. At first it seems tedious, why not just use paper liners? For one they cost money each time, for two they add to landfills, and for three my toddler won't eat funny shaped muffins (serious issue and if you have a toddler you know what I mean). I love this product and how wonderful my baking turns out. I've used silicone products for a little while now and love how moist they make the muffin, cupcake, or cake come out! Thanks JamHoo!

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  1. We have started getting a subscription baking box and a lot of the ones we get require a muffin pan. Having these silicone muffin liners have been a lifesaver. I am not having to purchase the paper liners and saving the environment at the same time amazon …..