Wednesday, September 28, 2016

$15 off $15 on Google Express - Yep! #deals #googleexpress #google #free #shopping

If you follow any coupon blogs, such as this one, you may have seen people posting their Google Express hauls. Tons of items they scored for free, or near free, due to the $15 off $15 code. Here's how that all works.

Sign up with Google Express using this link
Shop around through 1 store (I'll explain why in a bit)
Find at least $15 worth of items
Add them to your cart
Go to check out
Enter code: FS8JG248E (saves you $15 off $15)
Pay the difference and agree to sign up for the three month trial

Yes, that is exactly how you can get $15 off $15 and get stuff for free. 

There are no shipping charges because your order is over $15, all stores on Google Express require a minimum $15 purchase (even when you are a member on their trial) to avoid the $4.99 service fee. Because of this rule make sure to find all your $15.?? purchase at one store so you don't have to worry about the $4.99 fee. If you find 1 item at Target that is $5 and one item at Smart and Final that is $10 there will be two $4.99 charges to worry about because the $15 minimum per store rule applies.

Make sure you cancel the three month trial after you receive your items or google will charge you when it expires.

There may be tax, so check your applicable laws regarding that (California charges you tax)

The Credit Card you use must be a regular credit card, not a pre-paid one or a gift card. Also, make sure you have the full order amount available on your card. If your order is $15.30 before the $15 off, they will pre-authorize $15.30 to your card and then only charge you $0.30 when it ships. See how that works?

Only one referral credit can be used per Google Account. Only one credit card can be used across one Google Account. You can't create a ton of fake Google Accounts and start using multiple people's credits because google will cancel your order, I assure you. Now, if you happen to have a few accounts and happen to have a few credit cards... do what you will with that information.

Why am I telling you this? Ah ha! This is how the "hauls" happen... For every first time shopper on Google Express that uses my referral code above I make $15 with no restrictions. So if a blogger or couponer has 100,000 followers, that is possibly 100,000 purchases and thus credits and you see how hauls can happen.

So head over use the method I stated above using my referral code and get yourself $15 worth of free goodies!

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