Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sometimes you just need a suctioned bowl! #suction #toddlerproof #babyproof #momlife #review

$16.95 shipped

When my son was very little he loved throwing everything and now that he is 3.5 years old it is not much different. I have learned though that sometimes I can win this battle. Recently I was emailed about reviewing some suction bowls for babies/toddlers. I thought that it couldn't hurt as he still throws stuff just now it is more of an accidental knock down than something on purpose. What I got was three bowls with suction cups and handles, three lids that secured nicely, a spoon and a fork all made of plastic and perfect for his size hands. Now that I have these they are the only bowls he will eat out of, "mama, I want my special bowl, bring me the big one please." At least he is polite.

My favorite feature for these are the handles for his hands to grip the bowl. Makes it easier when moving around or just holding it in that he can't spill the contents as easily. Another great feature is the suction that sticks to almost any surface. We have a wooden table and it won't stick to that, but everything else has been great. The lids are easy enough for him to take off himself, but strong enough to keep dry contents secure; not completely leakproof by any means. The spoon and fork are almost too small for his tastes, "I'm a big boy mama, but I'll use the little spoon this one time."

We use the bowls for car rides because they hold dry snacks easily as well as meals at home (ice cream included). They wash up super easy and thus far haven't stained.

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