Monday, August 8, 2016

Four Pack @Pashoshibaby Bandanna Bibs #pashoshibaby #bibs #mama #baby #fashion

A classy way to catch the food, milk, and drool for your little bundle of joy. We all love how cute with babies look with food all over their face, but we all probably don't love those wonderful stains that the food puts in the clothes. This adorable pack of four bandanna style drool bibs allows your baby to look stylish, protect their clothes, and still enjoy the food they love without mama fussing over the spills.

You can get the LoveFirst Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by Pashoshi - 4 Pack on Amazon for $15.87 shipped. You get four bandanna style bibs, one pacifier clip, and one toy/bottle clip. Each bandanna is hand made and super soft on the inside. The side that touches your baby is very gentle and won't agitate their skin. The face side of the bandanna bib is adorable and serves a purpose because it catches the food and easily washes up in the washer. This is a stylish set for both girl and boy babies and really ads to an outfit without looking like a drip catcher at all!

The bib secures to your baby with simple snaps that are easy to secure, but also come off if pulled too much (safety feature). I love that the buttons have three adjustments possible, so both small and larger babies can use these bandannas.

My favorite part is the almost fleece like material that goes against the baby, seriously the softest ever.

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