Monday, July 18, 2016

#SIGTUNA Bike Lock with Cable - Combo Set up #bike #outdoors #active #lock #deals

Security is imperative when you are locking up your belongings, especially your bike. More often than not you are forced to purchase a cheap set up to secure your bicycle and open yourself up to theft. I'd love to say that there is a neighborhood out there that is 100% safe, but that is not hte case.

SIGTUNA 16mm Bike Lock + Cable Combo - Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with Mounting Bracket and Key Hole Cover + 1200mm braided Steel Flex Cable offers a complete setup to protect your bike for only $49.99.

You get the U-Shape lock, cable, and mounting piece to secure the lock to your bicycle for easy portability. Fortunately you also get instructions because it took me a minute to figure out each piece.

The black piece with the screws in it and the large red button is the mounting piece I told you about. This secures to your bike frame and connects onto the U Lock so you can take your lock with you wherever your bike goes. The lock actually slides right onto the mounting bracket and then you push the red button to release it and slide it back off. Connecting the bracket to your bike is simple with just two screws and padding in between the plastic bracket and your bike to protect the finish.

 On the base of the U Lock is the key hole. It is not a standard key or one I am familiar with. It has a rounded appearance to it and you get two with the set. The key slides in and turns with total ease, as you will see in the video at the bottom, it is so easy a toddler can do it.

Once you unlock the U Lock you can secure your bike to any stationary object of your choosing. You can use both the U Lock and the cable or just the U Lock depending on your situation.

What I like most about this set is the weight to it, it feels very durable and extremely secure. The mounting bracket also helps to keep the lock with you at all times in case you need it and it stays out of the way in case you don't. Installing it did not take long, in fact my daughter has still yet to tell me where she wants it mounted so the installation is not quite complete yet. With the help my my three year old son it took us a little over 5 minutes.

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