Saturday, July 16, 2016

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We are quite blessed to live in an area with many fishing opportunities. Most are man made lakes that get planted with fish routinely. Today we are at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, California. Neither of us have fished here in the last 15 years or so. We have seen a few other people fishing, but most are setting up for picnics or running around the lake. 

We tried some bass fishing early on. No hits on anything we threw. Tried some of our Lucky Tackle Box goodies with no luck either. After about an hour we now have powerbait and carp bait on. Seeing what we can drum up. 

For the record there is one guy to our right a bit who likes to reel his line in with the bell still on his pole. Come on man, take the bell off! 

From here Kevin has to go to work, guy sitting behind me and my fishing buddy, and then some night fishing. 

Weekends without my kids are devoted to fishing. Keeps my mind off things. We don't always catch fish, but if we did it wouldn't be called fishing...right?

What are you doing today?

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