Sunday, July 17, 2016

#Rohego Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat #comfyfeet #review #kitchen #deals

When you have a love of cooking than you need something to keep you comfy when you cook. Most kitchen mats slip and slide around your kitchen and really only had a cute look to the area instead of serve a purpose. Rohego found a way to keep you comfy when you cook and our tootsies love it.

This is the ROHEGO Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat. The bottom of the mat has an anti-slip texture to keep the mat from slipping around. Great for the kitchen environment and extremely safe. The edges are beveled so that you don't have a blunt edge to possibly trip over. The top of the mat is also slip resistant and is another great feature for those who love to cook. 

The entire mat is made of a memory foam material that flexes with you. The amount it flexes doesn't vary too much, but you can truly feel the difference between the mat and the surrounding area. In our case we have hardwood floors and the difference is huge.

The mat doesn't take up too much space and it fits right into the front of the stove in our apartment. I love that it really isn't that noticeable, but definitely is notable.

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