Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to make $90 in one month with little effort #swagbucks #swag #savings #easy #money #deals #coupons #surveys #clicks

As of today I have pocketed $85 in Visa gift cards, $5 in Amazon gift cards and have $20.22 that I could cash out today if I wanted to. (see below)

It was very easy to do actually. I clicked a bit, watched some videos, and opened some emails that I clicked links in; very simple. I also work full time and have two kids so it is not like I sat around all day doing this. Very little effort for a large payout. On top of that I got a $4.00 pair of shoes and a free box of makeup samples, yep...

Every SB you earn is a SwagBuck and is equal to $0.01, yes one penny. At 500SB's you can cash out for a gift card from various places (I prefer Amazon and Visa). There is no limit to how much you can earn on a monthly basis either. Leave some videos running in the back ground, take a few surveys, and open a few of your SwagBucks emails and after a while it all just adds up.

Not sure if you want to bother? I can coach you through your first payout just as I was coached. Simple and easy. :)

How to earn SwagBucks:
  • Watch videos on your phone (about $0.50 per day)
  • Watch videos on your desktop/laptop ($5.00 + per day)
  • Sign-ups (varies, but usually a money maker)
  • Surveys (unlimited)

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