Friday, July 8, 2016

#FlexGear Clear Silicone iPhone Case - slim and see-thru #deals #iphone #apple #case #protection #review

Sometimes you just want your phone protected, but also want people to see the beauty that is within, right? Such is the case for my daughter who has a rose gold iPhone 6s. She needs the protection of a cell phone case, but also wants to show off the fancy color of her phone (teenagers!). Anywho, I was fortunate enough to be given this silicone phone case and screen protector to review.

The case has the protection that I love. The corners are well covered and have a little padding to them. The sides are also protected, it's not just a snap on case, it covers the entire surround of the phone. The back is rather impressive with its sturdy feel, but slim look. A benefit to this case is that it flexes with your phone, but not enough to let damage happen. Also does exactly what my daughter wanted; protection that you can see through... And it keeps with the slim design of the phone.

Interested in checking the product out? Head on over to Amazon and see it for yourself (great price too!)

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