Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crappie and sunbass made today a success! #fishing #fishstories #pictureoritdidnthappen

The morning was slow and other than some dock bites not much fun was had. Kevin decided to try his chartreuse power worm near a rock formation by the shore and started getting bites. I took my white power work over as well and got bites. We both caught a few sunbass which was fun. They have a white color on their fins and look like a cross between a bluegill and a bass. 

Since we have two pole stickers I also had my other rod out and tried various colors of powerbait on a short leader. He tried carp bait on an average leader. Never got even a bite. 

We cruised down the shore for a minute and got more bites. Kevin landed his first ever crappie. 

Got home and this was in the mail. Thanks Lucky Tackle Box!! 

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