Friday, July 22, 2016

$81, Free Beauty Samples, and a $4.96 pair of shoes #swagbucks #birchbox #dollarshaveclub #justfab #free #deals #signup #easy

This month alone (22 days) of some clicking and answering surveys and I've profited $40 in Visa Gift Cards AND I just cashed out for another $25.00 today so I'll see that in about 4 days emailed to me. Plus...I have $16 just sitting waiting for another cashout. You can cash out for almost any gift card you choose, all virtual gift cards, I prefer Amazon and Visa. 

I've earned $40 (received and used) this month by clicking around and taking some surveys. Using SwagBucks I was able to watch some videos for 2 SwagBucks (SBs) a piece, take some surveys for up to 150 SBs a piece, and even sign up for some great freebies. Each SB is equal to $0.01 which doesn't sound like much, but it adds up quick.

Last month I signed up for the Dollar Shave Club through SwagBucks. They offer razors starting at $1 and going up to about $8 delivered to you; high quality and convenience. For signing up through SwagBucks link I got 500 SBs ($5.00) and the first month of Dollar Shave Club I signed up for the mid-grade razors and paid $4.99 for the first month. After the SBs were awarded (instantly upon signup) I made $0.01 - so SwagBucks paid me to get razors. Amazing right? Something I would have needed anyways that I ended up paying nothing for.

This month I signed up for Birch Box through SwagBucks. They send you decent sized beauty samples for you to try out, with no obligation to buy, for only $10.96 (after tax) for each month. For signing up through SwagBucks I got 1500 SBs ($15.00). After SBs were awarded (instantly upon signup) I made $5.00 - so SwaBucks paid me to get free beauty samples. Love it!

This month I also signed up for JustFab through SwagBucks. They give you a huge discount on amazing shoes all delivered to you with no hassle returns. The offer I got was 75% off my first pair of shoes. I found some cute sandals for only $14.96 after tax/shipping. For signing up through SwagBucks I got 1000 SBs ($10.00). After SBs get awarded, this one makes sure you stay a member for a least a week or two, I will have paid only $4.96 for a pair of shoes shipped to me. I hate paying much for shoes so this was a steal of a deal! Remember to cancel after your first shoes are delivered otherwise you get charged a monthly fee.

So...If you are keeping track... July alone I will have received $81 in Visa Gift Cards + free makeup trials + a pair of shoes for only $4.96.

How to earn SwagBucks:

  • Watch videos on your phone (about $0.50 per day)
  • Watch videos on your desktop/laptop ($5.00 + per day)
  • Sign-ups (varies, but usually a money maker)
  • Surveys (unlimited)

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