Monday, June 20, 2016

Never switch cell phone companies and do the buyout program #todayslesson #lessonlearned #headache #verizon #tmobile

The last segment in my Verizon / TMobile saga was here.

Following that post I reached out on social media, Facebook and Twitter to be exact. Facebook reps told me to contact them via private message, which I did; they then asked for my account password which I gave them - never heard back. Twitter reps told me to contact them via private message, which I did; then just never heard back. I took to emailing every single CEO/Executive officer at Verizon with my story to get a resolution to this. After over 20 emails sent and only 14 successfully sent (the rest bounced back un-deliverable) I got an email and then I got a phone call.

Lady named Jessica, an analyst, in the Executive Offices; same department as Samuel and Takia - they too must be analysts?

What it stems down to is an error on the part of the sales rep at the Verizon store that has since closed. Instead of inserting the proper amount for my trade-ins on two phones he put $0.00. Well a trade-in of $0 has no value to be given a buyback visa gift card for. Hence the dilemma. The other two phones' gift cards should be here today or tomorrow; where exactly they are no one knows.

They made me an offer which isn't what was promised to begin with, but may (I'm not 100% sure) help resolve some of the problem. Now to proposition TMobile on how to pay off that balance. Which may or may not work all depending on the two Verizon Gift Cards that are lost in the mail and have been since June 7... Seriously?

So frustrating... All because I switched carriers in hopes of saving some money each month. All because my final bill with Verizon was never issued after I took the two lines elsewhere. All because the amount I was supposed to save at TMobile was a lot less than what they promised. All because someone initially made me a promise they shouldn't have when it as time to come back to Verizon. All because someone failed to enter the right dollar amount in the store when I did the trade-in to come back to Verizon. All because someone entered in the wrong notes when placing credits on my account. Clearly Verizon has an issue with communication and training and TMobile needs to learn how to add.

Stay tuned on whether or not this resolves the problem.

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