Sunday, June 19, 2016

Natural Worm + Natural Movement = Great Fishing! #powerbait #troutmagnet #jig #fishing #outdoors #adventures #fishstories

On yesterday's fishing adventure at Shadow Cliffs we got out pretty early at 5:30am and focused on blue gill and bass in the back lakes. We brought with us some light tackle just 4-6lb test and light weight rods. We've had luck with the Trout Magnet and Crappie Magnet series in the past as well as the Powerbait Floating Worm and decided to combine them to see if we would have any more luck than normal.

I'll admit the way I hooked the worm onto the jig head is a bit unconventional, but it worked. When you hook the worm like this you truly get dual action from both ends. The thicker head of the worm (shorter end) wiggles a tiny bit and the thinner tail of the worm (longer end) has a natural twitch to it even as it falls during the retrieve. What I like about these worms it that they have a natural look to them and a natural movement. You don't have to twitch the line or wiggle the worm to get movement from the worm. We were casting it out to the end of the weed line and letting it fall without retrieving it right in front of the weed line if not a bit further out. The water isn't very deep so after about three feet we would slowing reel it in and let it fall over the weed line closer to the shore. We had varying results from hard hits from both blue gill and bass to soft bites on the tail. What we found most interesting was that the size of the fish didn't seem to matter, we had equal luck with small blue gill as well as larger bass.

When hooking the worm with more dangling off the tail end we did get a few more bites, but not as lucky at landing because the blue gills and bass were hitting the tail which doesn't have a hook in it. You do get a lot of movement with this manner of hooking and with the same retrieve as I mentioned above you get similar results.

With both of these manners of hooking the worm onto the jig head you get about three fish or two dozen or so hits before you have to replace the worm. The reason behind this is because the worm is natural and has such natural movement due to it being a soft bait. Being a soft bait it tends to rip and tear the more bites and hits it gets from fish. However, at roughly $5.00 per bag of 15 it actually is a rather frugal investment for so much action.

The size of the jig head wasn't a factor as you can see here where my boyfriend landed this nice bass with the same 1/64oz jig head we were using the entire day. 
 Again, the size of the jig head didn't matter, neither did the worm. These blue gill/perch decided they were hungry and didn't care what size the food was. We also have varying colors of blue gill / perch even bordering on sun bass coloring.
My big catch of the day was this bass, not tiny, but not huge either. Put up a good fight. For the entire day we caught about 20 fish (blue gill / bass) and used about three worms. Given that we were only their for four hours I'd say this was a great trip!

What we used:
1/64oz Trout Magnet Jig Head
Natural Color Powerbait Floating Power Worm

Note: We use barbless hooks and everything is catch and release. The back lakes at Shadow Cliffs require us to use barbless and release the fish, but we make a habit of fishing this way because we are more about the sport than keeping everything we catch. No fish were harmed during our fishing trip.

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