Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet me at the corner of Disappointment Street and Frustration Ave #verizon #tmobile #frustrated #youalllie

Never fails... 3 steps forward, 12 back... Do you all recall my Verizon T-Mobile debacle earlier this year? The last post was here

To re-cap I took four lines from Verizon to T-Mobile and then realized how bad the service (customer and reception) was there and wanted to come back to Verizon. Verizon promised they would take care of my early termination fees they had issued as well as the T-Mobile early termination fees that would happen. When that didn't happen I reached out to every department I could and finally reached the VP's office. A wonderful gentleman was handling everything in the Executive Relations Department, Samuel. Gave me the credits to resolve my Verizon early termination charges and got me on the path to get my T-Mobile early termination charges resolved via gift cards. Four months later... I have no gift cards. I have a $2,500 balance at T-Mobile about to go to collections and now a new, not so wonderful, woman handling everything, Takia, who insists that I was given wrong information. That I was already credited everything owed and I would only get about $600 in gift cards for the phones I traded in.

I'm out many hours dealing with this. I'm in the hole with T-Mobile for $2500. I have yet to receive a single gift card from Verizon, even the ones they assure me are coming, and now I'm just plain pissed off at the hole situation. Not sure where to turn at this point because Takia insists that I am mistaken and there is nothing further she can do. I asked for her manager to call me, but won't hold my breath.

I too work for a large corporation. I too know that notes are made and things are said and that essentially shit happens. I also know that you take care of your customers, you live up to your promises, and you don't walk all over the little people.

The next move is yours Verizon... do you A) Live up to the reputation of being a giant company that doesn't care about the little people and insist that you didn't say what you did OR do you B) Hold up your end of the bargain and live up to your word?

Happy Friday, right?

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