Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wasserstein Kitchen Scale - Accurate, Sleak, and Compact $10.49 #review #kitchen #home #Wasserstein #deals #decor #whole30

Apartment living has taught me that the biggest kitchen gadgets are often not the best. I struggle to find space to put all the kitchen gadgets that I love, but really aren't meant for the space I now live in. When looking for a kitchen scale I needed something to accommodate this predicament and Wasserstein came to the rescue with their Multifunction Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale offered on Amazon for only $10.49. Compact scale, multi-functional abilities, and an amazing price? Yep, had to have it!

It shipped in a standard box with minimal packaging. The scale was well protected and made it through the shipping process in perfect condition. The first thing I noticed was that it included batteries, what?!? Rarely does anything come with batteries anymore, but this scale did and I can not thank Wasserstein enough for thinking about their customer like that. You all know the disappointment when something arrives and you have no batteries and thus can not use it until you go buy some. I digress...

The scale comes with a clear film on the LCD screen as well as on the stainless steel scale portion for protection during shipping. I'll leave mine on until it needs to me removed because I'm sure I'll find someway to ruin the nice finish on the stainless steel as soon as I take it off.

To use the scale I didn't even need the instructions, its easy to figure out and maneuver. As you can see the batteries may get jostled, as I did jostle the unit in the video, and when that happens the device didn't come on. Easy fix; adjusted the batteries. Changing the measuring units from G to Lbs to Oz and so forth was easy as well, one push of a button.

The most handy thing I had was a nickel and I know a nickel weighs 5g so when 5g came right up I knew this device was accurate. Remember though, it does have to be on a flat surface (don't set it on your carpet) or it won't read accurately. The four feet that are on the bottom of the scale help to keep it level and make sure your measurements are accurate when on a hard surface.

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