Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trout Magnets, Blood Midges Blue Gill and Bass #fishing #fishstories #picsoritdidnthappen #shadowcliffs #jayfair #fishingbuddy

Pictures or it didn't happen, right? Luckily modern technology allows us to snap pics while fishing and safely return those wonderful fish to their habitat. Yep, catch and release; also barb less. I enjoy fishing and I love to eat fish, but these little guys are just fun to catch.

Yesterday we spent a few hours out at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park in Pleasanton, California. It is a man-made lake nestled in the far-East Bay Area about an hour outside of San Francisco. The front lake is for fishing, swimming, boating, and barbecuing. The back lakes (Arroyo Area) are for fishing and they happen to have a dedicated dog area for dogs to romp in the water.

In the Arroyo Area Bass are spawning and thus taking up beds along the shore line, the pollen and other natural wonders are also in full bloom and providing plenty of coverage for bass and other fish to hide under. There are several fishing holes in the Arroyo Area all reachable by foot or bike, very natural habitat, and extremely serene. Honestly you can forget you are even near roads or other civilization even for just a little while. The trees and other natural growth provides great shade from the heat that can reach upwards of 100 degrees during the summer.

I had on a few flies that my father tied  and my boyfriend Kevin was using the Trout Magnet and the Trout Magnet Mini. Medium action to light weight poles and light line were our choice for the day. Initally we avoided the areas more covered with leaves and other natural debris and stuck to the open but covered areas and did really well. The bass were hitting on the darker flies I was using as well as the lighter colored trout magnets that he had on. The blue gill were hitting almost anything we put in the water that was bright. He stuck with his mini trout magnets and landed a gorgeous blue gill bigger than his hand. I went with the flies I had and the blood midge seemed to be the winner of the afternoon landing a few good size blue gill and a bass. On our return back we tried the areas more covered and found that if there was even a tiny opening we were catching fish. At one point Kevin landed a good size bass on that same trout magnet right off the shore.

Fun afternoon, memories, had, and of course "Pictures or it didn't happen"

Lures used: Trout Magnet and Mini Trout Magnet (bright yellows, pinks)
Custom Fly: Blood midge (white, blue, red) and Bob's Electric Burgundy Leech (Jay Fair materials)

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