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The Most Amazing Clothing Ever #LuLaRoe #feelgood #clothing #deals #mlm #amazing

I'm not a fan of those Multi-Level Marketing ("MLM") groups, in fact I do everything I can do avoid them. You know, those Avon parties, Mary Kay parties, that Wrap Thingie, and other companies like AvoCare. They all have one thing in common - to have normal women and/or men sell products by word of mouth and by demonstration. I also am a single mom of two kids with limited adult social interaction save a few online mom groups so I get exposed to almost every time of MLM group there may be. Recently one of my mom friends invited me to a LuLaRoe "Pop-up" sale online from the comfort of my own home. I didn't understand why I couldn't click a link and shop around before the Pop-up, why I couldn't find a link to check out what my options were before the sale even started. I was confused, but intrigued by the fun designs of the clothing they sell. I joined a handful more of these Pop-up sales going on and have now bought two pieces and fully (I think) understand what this LuLaRoe is all about. Everything in this blog, with the exception of the quoted items, is 100% my own opinion. I get nothing from this post other than knowing that I was, hopefully, able to help others discover this great brand of clothing.

What is LuLaRoe?
Its a clothing line created by a single mom of seven kids in an effort to "provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule." The full story is here on the LuLaRoe site.

What does LuLaRoe sell?
Shirts, cardigan style pieces, skirts, dresses and leggings.

Who can wear LuLaRoe?
Women and children, men too if they so desired I'm sure (to each their own).

What makes LuLaRoe so different from other brands?
Ah ha, my favorite part! It's comfort and feel is what sets it apart. The soft feeling of the fabric combined with how well it contours to almost every shape imaginable and does not stretch throughout the day makes it the most comfortable I've found yet.

Why can't I see the items on a website and choose which ones I want?
The pieces are all made as the fabric is available. One shirt style may have 200 pieces in that fabric and another may have 10. A legging material may have been used for 1,000 pieces and never used again. It's all a matter of what is available at the time. Some colors are always available and others are not. Reminds me of a Tula (expensive child carrier), only so many colors/styles are issued at a time. Plus, the products are shipped to a consultant to then distributed to individuals through Pop-ups online and in person. Allowing people to buy the amazing clothing and the individuals selling it to be able to work from home and have their own business; win-win situation. I have a Facebook Pop-Up going on tomorrow starting at 12:00 PM PST (pacific standard time) if you want to join.

What on earth is a Facebook Pop-Up ?
Essentially it's a Facebook Group created with an event for people to buy items. My Facebook Pop-Up  is at 12:00 PM PST (pacific standard time) Tuesday May 10, 2016 (tomorrow) and goes for 24 hours. What you see is what is available. Each item is displayed with the size next to it and each album will have the size listing so you know what size to get. If you like an item and want to purchase it you type "sold" in the comments on the picture. Once the sale is over you will fill out the google doc form provided so they can email you an invoice. All items ship within a day or two and I've yet to have to wait more than 7 days for any order.

Alright, bottom line... what do these amazing things cost?
They range, I'll be honest. The children's clothing is less expensive than the adult clothing. The leggings I have on here were $35.00 and well worth it.

My Story:
I'm the average size mom, 12/14 and a L/XL depending on the day. I try to eat healthy and get in some activity, but I have the typical mom body. Some parts jiggle, some don't curve the way I want, and I assure you there is no photo shopping on this body. I wanted to get in on this whole legging fad that is going around, but even at my size I had a hard time finding leggings that would hold their shape, not be see-through, and generally hold up the parts that need holding. I was leery, as I usually am of any product I can not see, touch, or feel prior to buying, but when they arrived I was more than happy. The sizes are generous with LuLaRoe so I went with the Tall & Curvy ("TC") line, generally anyone above a 12. Below that you have the One Size ("OS") line which fits from 0-12. There is some overlapping and depending on where the item was made they fit a tad different. The patterns are pretty amazing so I settled on the Aztec/muted colors of the leggings you see here. In person they were way prettier than online by the way. I am very proud of myself as a person, as a mom, and in general with my body, but I don't openly share pictures of my self all over the internet. I had to share these though, just to show you how wonderful these leggings are.

Here (below) I have on the leggings in the TC size range. They have a fun muted Aztec pattern that I've worn with browns, whites, and blacks (very universal). My son is not wearing any LuLaRoe, but had to get in on the pictures. :) They look just like a pair of leggings covered by a shirt, right?

Here (below)  you can see that I have on a tank top under my shirt and you can see that the band for these leggings sits higher than most. Right about at the belly-button. I appreciate this because I don't like when things jiggle and this holds them in. You can also see that the leggings don't "cut" me in half or leave a strong line where they sit on my hips. The waistband is super comfy and not just a strip of elastic, it's almost a 2" piece of fabric for extra holding. (side note: Looking at this picture I also need to improve my posture, lol.)

Here (below), my son is absent, but you can clearly see what the leggings are holding in. No model body here, just a real mom with a real body. The material is stretchy, but comfortable and really holds its shape. In any other pair of leggings you would have seen more of a pouch towards the lower part of my stomach and they would have chopped me in half where they sat on my waist. 

I have worn these a few times now, washing them in between according to my own standards of washing. I have found that no matter how many times I wash them, how many times I wear them, or how long I wear them they always look, feel and sit the same on my body. Now, I know some people have seen fading in the various styles, but I haven't had that experience. I have worn these for 13 hours straight, to work, to home, and slept in them to find them in the exact position when I wake up. Plus, they are not see-thru, not one bit. Even when you bend over no one is going to see what is underneath. The pattern, though very colorful, doesn't stretch when I wear them either and it is the first pair of any pants I can say that for.

Overall they fit perfect, they are comfortable, they are breathable, and don't require 19 steps of washing before you wear them again. I completely and fully endorse this clothing line! Again, if interested I have a Facebook Pop-Up  tomorrow May 10, 2016 (online) at 12:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). After it opens you have 24 hours to make your choice.

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