Monday, May 30, 2016

Snug #Stoolease Detachable Toilet Stool #productreview #deals #amazon #bathroom #poop

Although this is a funny view of my bathroom this stool here is pretty amazing. They call it the Snug Stoolease Detachable Toilet Stool. Whether you are aware or not the majority of the toilets in your home are higher than recommended for optimal stool comfort, yep pooping. You want your legs at a certain angle to provide a less strenuous trip for your stools through your bowel and out your colon. Too much information? Come on, everyone poops!
The stool fits almost every toilet as they are all rather universal. The setup was simple and took a few moments to attach the three pieces together and slide it up to the toilet. This stool doubles as a way for my toddler to get onto the toilet without needing much help so he gets to feel independent. The whole piece isn't too noticeable and really doesn't make a huge impact on your bathroom appearance at all.

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