Monday, May 16, 2016

Shabby Chic Bulletin Board #bulletinboard #PinPix #reviews

The frame is solid wood without a flaw in sight. The material used for the pinboard part is very thick and coated with teal and off-white paint. The paint helps to keep the pin holes less noticeable when removed. There was great attention to detail made with this bulletin board and you can see that even on the back. The back has contact paper to cover up the frame as well a a wire to hang the bulletin board from. The board is very heavy so be sure to have a good fixture system to install it. I used the command strips you can buy at any hardware store (or big box retailer) so that I wouldn't damage my apartment walls with the holes. This does come with all the hardware you might need to install it though.

The coloring is what I wanted to accent my home and the sturdy construction is what I was hoping I'd get. Very impressed with the attention to detail and the look and feel of this bulletin board.

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