Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Cell Phone Mount for Your Car that Really Works! #cellphone #mount #gadgets #deals #review

Up until this Bestrix Premium Universal Dashboard & windshield Car Phone Mount Holder I thought I would never find a way to mount my phone in my car and not have it fall. I like to use my phone as a GPS, but every other mount I've tried either doesn't hold my giant iPhone 6 plus or doesn't hold and my phone and the mount go bouncing around my car (totally unsafe). Luckily Bestrix made a mount that works for me, my car, and my phone.

There are two pieces to this device. You have the base/arm and the cell phone holder. The base is somewhat sticky to help to secure the mount while you are setting it up.
There is a round piece that you twist to engage the suction cup (sticky piece I mentioned) and then you have the arm. The arm is made so that you can mount your phone from your dash or your window.
At the top of the arm is a ball joint that connects to the second piece which holds your phone. Once you have the angle you want the mount set to you can then twist the nut piece around the ball joint to secure the phone mount in place (so that it doesn't flop around). 

The phone holder itself has soft foam cushions that can hold an iPhone 5 as easy as an iPhone 6 plus with an Otterbox case on it. There is a simple button to release the arms and spread them to the proper distance for your phone and then you pinch them together snug against your phone and they lock in place. With the exception of the iPhone 6 plus you can turn the phone horizontal in the phone holder piece. I found that placing my giant iPhone in the holder in a vertical position and setting the ball joint to a horizontal position worked just as well.

I went over potholes, speed bumps, low speeds and high speeds and the mount did not fall off my dashboard nor did my phone fall out of the holder. This is impressive, because every other one I've tried does one or the other. The suction is very strong on both the window and the dash even with the textured dash that I have I had no problems at all. Plus, setting it up (though it sounds difficult) was beyond simple and didn't require me looking at the directions once.


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