Wednesday, May 18, 2016

$20 Sign Up Bonus and Earn More by Doing NOTHING #ohmhour #payday #free #credit #savings

I was skeptical of this OhmConnect account that I created about 2 weeks ago. I got a $20 bonus for signing up and initially when I tried to cashout it said I couldn't. Two weeks went by and I had given up hope on that deal and moved on with life. Today I get an email saying my team went up in ranking so I logged in and attempted cash out, this time it let me post my OhmConnect to my Facebook for an additional $5, taking my total to $26.27, and then.... I cashed out and GOT MY PAYMENT!

This isn't instant money, but it surely is FREE money. Basically you agree to let OhmConnect monitor your electric and gas use at your home via your gas/electric account details that you provide. If you cut back some usage during the hour they request you earn money. I've received two emails to cut back and each time it was while I was at work, so of course my consumption was low.

Two weeks of doing nothing and I just got $26.27 in my Paypal account. That simple. No catch, nothing really to do honestly.
Sign up TODAY with this link and get $20 in your account. Refer people to use OhmConnect and for each person you refer you get another $20. Easy money with no catch. Love it!

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