Wednesday, May 4, 2016

$10 sign up Bonus on Ibotta - Savings app that saves you cash #savings #ibotta #coupons #deals #easy


Like to save money, but not a fan of clipping coupons? Ibotta is a savings app that earns you money without clipping coupons and working out coupon scenarios.

Each week they give a new list of products, sometimes similar items, that you can earn money on. Check your groceries that you just bought... did you buy Milk at Walmart? Did you buy Eggs at Target? You could have earned $0.25 back on each of those items had you have used the Ibotta app. It's a phone application that you install and sign up through, I used facebook to sign up to make it easy to remember login info.

Once signed up you check weekly and see what offers are at what store. The most popular stores are in the list to choose from (Walmart, Target, Safeway, CVS, Walgreens, etc), it's all based on your location though. Then you can figure out if that was an item you plan on buying anyways or if you already bought it within the past few days. While in the store you can use the scanner within the app to check products as you put them in you cart and see if there are savings and also make sure you are buying the right item. Once home you find the item you purchased, confirm via UPC code (scanning the code) that it's the right product, and then upload a copy of your receipt. No coupons to clip, deals to work out, or prayers for smooths transactions at the register. Once you reach $20.00 in savings you can cash-out.

If you use my sign up link you get a sweet bonus, for new members only, $10 welcome bonus... yes $10 to start your savings!

The first five that show up in my list are based upon my location, but here they are. [There's also Pampers, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, you name it.]

Let's say you do clip coupons... you can combine them. Had you had a Pampers Store coupon, combined with a Pampers Target coupon, combined with the Ibotta this week, you would have saved possible $3.00 on a pack of diapers. Pretty epic.

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