Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tassel Key chain #Luckylove - Adorable, Genuine Leather, Fashionable #accessory #detail #deals #review #keychain #beauty

Lucky Love Tassel Keychain Made With 100% Genuine Leather

This key chain is both well made and absolutely adorable. Right out of the box it comes in this neat package with a fun phrase on it. The package protects the key chain perfectly and is a fun bag you can reuse if you'd like. Plus you get a style card to demonstrate how you can accessorize with the key chain.

The key chain is about the size of a pen, basically the perfect size to use as a key chain, but not too large to use as an accessory. The color I have is cheetah print with gold clasps. The clip comes also with a ring for you to use if you'd prefer. I found that the clip fit most of my purses to use as an accessory, but won't clip on to larger metal pieces because of the small size of the clip. There isn't much weight to the key chain either which is nice because too much weight on your key chain can be bad for your starter (wears it down).

The tassels have amazing detail in them and you can see the detail in the leather. The tassels don't crimp or bend out of shape at all. Straight out of the package each tassel laid perfectly. I love how the coloring of this cheetah print style isn't too bright and is a tad muted. I'm able to pair it with a ton of outfits without being worried that it will take over because of the coloring.

Muted coloring, easily pairs with many outfits
Has both a clip and a ring to attach to whatever you choose
Real leather

The clip doesn't have a wide mouth to it

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