Friday, April 8, 2016

Product Review: #CarsSurprise Eggs! Me and my son open surprise eggs! #surpriseeggs #disney #pixar #cars #mcqueen #review

My son loves surprise egg videos on youtube. I'm not even sure how he went about finding them as he's 3 and can't read. I know I showed him youtube one day with monster trucks in the search and since then he's out of control with what he's watching. There's various toy reviews he watches, surprise eggs, and other toy demonstrations. I just had to do our own surprise egg video review when I got the chance.

You get three relatively large eggs. They are wrapped in Disney Pixar Cars print plastic. The plastic comes off rather easily and the egg is simple to open. Inside my son got a whistle, some stickers, and some sugar candy. His favorite part was the whistle which was concurrently not my favorite part as we live in a small apartment. All the pieces were age appropriate for him (age 3) and I appreciated that not every egg had chocolate in it.

Overall a great gift for an older toddler or young child that is into cars or Disney Cars theme. Fun thing to open with them and they get to feel like part of the "kids on youtube" that they watch. Would have been nice to see a bit of difference in some of the eggs or maybe some fun games of some sort.

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