Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Picture Holder LOVE design - Delicate, gorgeous and great price! #deals #review #products #love #tigerspecials

I've recently developed the love of decor. I enjoy making my small apartment look more like a home full of love. I found this adorable Love Picture Card Holder and knew it would fit perfect in my daughter's room. The finish is a dark bronze and fits well with almost any decor someone might have. It has both the contemporary as well as the classic look. Each piece is solid aluminium that doesn't have much weight to it at all. You can secure it to the wall with the pre-drilled holes in each piece or with those easily removable sticker pieces that Command makes. Each letter is separate and apart from the other letters and together it spells out "LOVE."

Around each letter is a scallop design that looks fabulous as well as holds pictures and cards. You just slip the picture or card into the metal pieces, similar to a paperclip (same idea), and it holds the picture or card securely. You can put pictures, movie ticket stubs, thick papered receipts, school drawings and cards into these pieces and they hold it with ease. I love that it's a tight hold, but not too much of a hold to damage the piece it's holding. You can also arrange the letters however you choose whether it's level or spread out at varying levels.

This LOVE piece can be used in almost any room in your home. It's small enough and delicate enough looking that you could put it in a bathroom if that is your theme. You could also use it in a living room to reflect your style. My favorite part of this, as a mom, is that you only have to secure the pieces themselves onto the wall and then you can put many different pictures and other cardstock pieces in the scallop design. No need to patch a bunch of holes when you want to change decor or move for that matter. 

These up-close pictures show the attention given to each piece. Looking at the front (left picture) you can't see any seems or other connections at all. On the back there are discreet soldering marks where the pieces were joined. Making for a very detailed looking piece that is also very well made.

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