Friday, April 8, 2016

Freshcare Dental Pick, Scaler, & Mirror Set Review - Handy little tools! #teeth #dental #tools #health #deals #review

Ever want to check out what is going on back in your mouth or maybe catch up on the plaque build up you have in between dentists visits? You can do exactly that with this Freshcare Dental Pick,Scaler & Mirror set. In the set you get three total pieces; a dental pick, a scaler, and a mirror. Each piece has a plastic handle and all fit nicely in your hand. Size wise I would compare them to a standard writing pen and just as easy to hold on to.

The mirror has a good length for anyone (unless you are an alligator and in that case you wouldn't be holding a mirror anyways). I was easily able, as you can see from the video, to put it into the back of my mouth and view the new crown I got just this week. The mirror didn't fog up to quick and was pretty simple to figure out how to use. The pick and the scaler also worked really nice and were simple to use. I experienced no pain when using any of the pieces in this set. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone looking to freshen up a bit in between doctor's visits. This is not a toy of any sort and should be supervised if given to older to children to use.

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