Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Curbside - What is it? PLUS free $10 credit #curbside #deals #target #free #getitnow

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Curbside is a new service offered at many local retailers that allows you to place orders from your phone and have the order not only ready, but also delivered right to your car when you arrive.

What areas offer Curbside?
Curbside is currently available only in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Los Angeles right now with more areas coming in the future.

What stores participate in Curbside?
The leading retailer allowing Curbside orders is Target. To know exactly what stores participate near you the app provides a nifty map with the stores near to you. Pulling mine up I can see that CVS and Target are the only stores as of now to offer this service.

What can I order on Curbside?
Virtually anything. The last order I did consisted of glade refills, scotch tap, beef jerky and some other items.

How does pickup work?
Once your order is ready, in about an hour, you get a text message that it's ready. You pull up into the stores's designated Curbside pickup area (generally right in front) and they know when you arrive. They come to your car, verify you are who you are, and hand off your items.

Can I use coupons?
Yes and no. Your first order of $20 or more is auto discounted by $10 JUST for signing up and after that you can't use coupons on your orders. (One downside that I see).

Sign up today using this promo code FWJWS and get a $10 credit to use on ANY curbside order of $20 or more. There are no fees to use this app or for this service.

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