Wednesday, April 13, 2016

8 Piece Picture Frame Set Product Review #pictures #frames #decor #deals #review #family

As a mom I have thousands of pictures stored electronically on various contraptions, databases, and cloud servers. I love taking pictures of my kids and our life events. I wanted a decorative way to display these memories within my apartment to warm the place up a bit. I also wanted something other than ordinary picture frames. This 8 Piece Frame Set by Tiger Specials is exactly what I was in the market for.

You get an 8 x 10 frame that has a matte in it for a 5 x 7 picture. You also get three 4 x 6 frames (standard picture size). There is a 5 x 7 frame with beautiful scroll work as well as a larger collage frame for three more 4 x 6 photos as well as additional scroll work. To tie it all together you get the word "Family" to pace anywhere you'd like when hanging these up.

The two pieces with scroll work are very detailed and really make the wall color stand out behind the frames. The frames are a dark bronze finish that has a matte look to it. They are all made of sturdy plastic so hanging them up is a breeze. The pictures are protected within the frames by a thin layer of glass. Putting a picture in the frame is very easy and fast. There are tabs that you flip  one way or another instead of the metal prongs that can really hurt your fingers. The plastic flip pieces easily hold the picture of your choice. You can then hang any of the frames either vertically or horizontally depending on the way you are arranging them. They have teeth like hanging pieces on the frames and then the "Family" piece has a screw or nail slot for easy hanging as well.

Living in an apartment and really not wanting to make a bunch of holes in the walls I truly appreciate the light weight nature of this frame set. You can use those non-damaging command hooks to hang up each piece because of their lack of weight. The darker color does a lot to bring out the beige wall color in my home. Definitely a conversation piece and a really pretty way to display your memories.

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