Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thanks for nothing @amazon appreciate the lack of #help @amazonhelp #help #amazon #bigcompaniesdontcare #lies #noproof #reviews

Well nothing "new" to report per-say... I have received two random emails since my reply to "Jeff's Admin" regarding the accusation that I had a financial interest in the products I was reviewing.

Essentially Amazon took away my ability to review products with wild accusations of manipulating the system and having a financial gain in the whole process. None of which make sense and none of which are substantiated with supporting evidence. Part 1 and Part 2 are here to catch you up to speed.

An email yesterday 3/7/16 says that I am again accused of manipulating the review system; no proof, no explanation and the email was rather random.

An email this morning at 12:05am 3/8/16 says that they are not sure what 1700 reviews I am talking about and need more information to investigate. A very vague and generic email in my opinion.

I have again emails "Jeff's Admin" requesting an explanation other than "we accuse you" and hoping that I may get a reply. So sad that a company that makes millions gets to treat people, like myself, this way and has no repercussions for it.

I will continue to pursue this issue, I will not give up.

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