Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of speculation, still no answer... #amazon #speculation #help #bbb #consumerreports

Basically I was an Amazon reviewer, receiving products for discounted prices or free in exchange for a review. Completely legal and permitted under both the FTC and Amazon's TOS. 

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I've received quite a bit of questions and commentary from the general public on the matter. A few people who flamed me on Twitter and others who direct me to their Amazon Discussion posts about the speculative reasons that people get wiped from reviewing. Essentially Amazon does not have to allow anyone to review anything, ever. Products with reviews have higher sales rates though so it's in Amazon's financial best interest to go ahead and let people do it. Sellers can boost their products up by having better reviews and what better way to get a good review then to give a discount. Makes perfect sense and actually goes on a lot more than anyone realizes. Amazon has a Terms of Service ("TOS") that people must follow as does the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") and within the past year Amazon was sued for allowing faulty reviews on their site and misleading customer reviews so they have since struck down on those that review. In fact Amazon has their own review group called "Amazon Vine" which Amazon created as an invite only community of reviewers who get the products for free in exchange for reviews. No one, that I can find, has been invited in quite some time.

Getting your review privileges taken is nothing new, many had it happen to them and a simple google search will give you a good idea of just how much I am not alone in getting wiped. What you will also find is plenty of speculatory blogs and posts as to why people get wiped. Too many reviews, too short reviews, too long reviews, reviewing too fast, reviewing too slow, review groups, review sites, bad sellers, and the list truly does go on. I'd be naive if I refused to believe that some people got their accounts wiped because they were being malicious with their reviewing practices, working with a seller, or breaking all the rules; it's human nature and I'm sure it happened. I'm sure some people were wiped and honestly had no idea what they were doing was wrong; if you even click the link given by the seller when purchasing it's against TOS and most don't know that. What does not exist is a single definitive statement from Amazon with why people are being wiped. Accusations are being flung left and right, but not a single definitive statement of "This is what you did wrong..." 

If you do not know what you are doing wrong, how are you supposed to not do it anymore?

I remain steadfast... I want answers.

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